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Why do so many people cheat in their relationships?

I hear of so many guys cheating on Their wives and girlfriends it’s crazy. Especially girlfriends. It Seems like people do not Consider the ‘girlfriend’ major status at ALL, then the wedding status is slightly more Respected by em, aim They Still On Their wives cheat. . . . Why Would Cheat On Their one wife, why not just leave her if you want to have sex with other women? How Could someone be so apathetic Their Own: towards wife, They Are All which suppose to love and care for, for Their Entire Life?


  1. I’m not a cheater and i never have been, but people cheat on their spouses because they feel the need for companionship so they look for it in different places… yes it is a stupid reason to cheat, but thats the true reason that they cheat

  2. Because they married them for the wrong reasons. They married someone for sex. Sex is their priority that unfortunately craves variety. Hence the cheating, pornography, strip clubs, etc. Sad.

    EDIT – Shogun is referring to ice queens….women who have not healed from former relationships and don’t care who they sleep with or who they hurt. The male version of an ice queen is a player. Still sad.

    @ Rowdy – Open marriage? Please. Just another term society has made up to justify doing the wrong thing. Open marriages are not marriages. Half the men I know over 40 need to stop acting like they can have any woman they want…cause they don’t last more than five minutes or can’t get it going when you need it. If they don’t have a “wallet” or carry some “blue boys”, they’re pretty much done. Seriously.

  3. Yeah tell me about, it seems that the roles have reversed quite a bit though buddy…..it’s seems as if I hear more about women,wives,gf’s cheating a lot more than men now!

    I don’t what goes on their head, but I guess it’s how I was raised…..If I’m not happy in the relationship I’ll leave it, end it, and like you said find another woman to sleep with.

    The problem is they think they won’t get caught, and it is kinda hard to catch someone if they are sneaky enough…thank god I caught my xgf with another guy in her car and lying about it, so I could move on to a girl who actually cares for me and wouldn’t be so disgusting! and evil.

    It’s like they are ice cold feelings, and have no heart or emotions

  4. While I have loved and cared for my wife for 22 years,we are also smart enough to know that human beings were never intended to be monogamous creatures. So,recognizing that we love each other,don’t ever want to get a divorce and don’t want to have to lie to each other,we decided to have an open marriage. She has sex with whoever she wants and I do the same. But only AFTER we’ve taken care of each other first.

  5. let me tell you women cheat as much as men so don’t kid your elf my dear,this is the day of equality, my last two relationships were with cheats both females both beautiful and spoilt,both in demand, from other guys,and they loved the attention because they have had it all there lives,

    the answer marry a pig,,,

    so if your piggy faced,or put on some extra pounds your in for a chance of a cheating partner in the long haul, so get down that gym before its too late lol

  6. if they dont find what they need they look else where such as if your gf is away for business and your horny and want sex and she is not their you might fk anothe girl.

    or like just someone to talk to or for company.

  7. Most people who make an effort to climb Mount Everest don’t want to live on the summit. There’s a big difference between the daily routine and a short-term thrill. You might enjoy your daily routine very much, but it doesn’t eliminate the craving for thrill, excitement and challenge. Some people channel these cravings into something productive (like paragliding or climbing mountains), others gravitate towards more destructive behaviors, like drugs or illicit relationships. It depends on the person’s life skills, values, habits, expectations set in the relationship and in life, etc. Some people do a better job managing their cravings and desires than others.

  8. because they have the desire to and someone makes themselves available to cheat with. also their expectations don’t meet the reality of the relationship. when things don’t go their way instead of trying to work problems out they just go and find someone new.

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