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how do you react when you suddenly meet your bf’s wife in the following situations?

1. His wife he left for you2. he cheated with His Wife with you3. ‘re bf’s ex-wife4. ‘re having an affair with this woman’s husbandhow do you react When You Suddenly meet her for the first time?


  1. Sorry, but I’m not a cheating whore.

  2. Wow.

  3. Your seconds, why worry about it

  4. Just look guilty and fumble around. It’s written sll over your face.

  5. Watch “Reba”

  6. Merriweather Pennywhistle

    One word…Threesome.

  7. 1. Terrible. Can you imagine how she would feel?
    2. Man whore 🙂
    3. Awkward *nervous laughter*
    4. “Hi, I am NOT sleeping with your husband.. Im a cousin you have never met before :)”

  8. Must have been interesting meeting the competition. Live and let live.

  9. Why are you even meeting her? Weird

  10. get ready to be b*tch slapped

  11. This is something you will have to figure out for your self. You are the one that got yourself in this mess in the first place. If you don’t want to worry about that then break it off. If you stay with him and marry him, what makes you think he won’t do the same thing to you. Think about how you would feel if you were in that woman’s shoes. Just something for you to think about.

  12. lol
    maybe i can say
    by barry manillow

  13. ssanchez has contracted YTD

    Yeah can’t answer that I have morals.

  14. lol oh boy are you something else….

    1) Obviously he never left his wife except in your delusions

    2) he did NOT cheat on you with his wife….he cheated ON his wife with YOU…get that straight, Cupcake

    3) My husband’s ex dropped out of sight 30 years ago……doubt I will EVER meet her and if I ever did, so what? She moved on to other men after him…he waited until the ‘right’ gal came along…me.
    No contest, dontcha think? lol

    4) I would NEVER have an affair with a man, married OR single….I have never and would never sell myself short.

    believe it or not, some of DO have morals.

  15. Avoid the whole thing and don’t date married men!

  16. Don’t say much..dont be scared of her just try not to communicate with her.. if she says anything tell her it was his decision to leave her.

  17. ♥Gift From Virgo♥


    Never mind YOUR reaction. I hope SHE let rip at YOU!

  18. GG gave it to you straight! Marriage DOES mean something. Dating is dating. Forget this drama, live a REAL life you can be proud of!

  19. You lose sleep over it and hope to God that it never happens.

  20. 1-4: “when you meet the wife of the man you banged, you don’t talk to her. bow your head or look away. maybe blush a little but you don’t talk to her.”

  21. wow…there arent words

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