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Do you think kissing someone in a movie is as bad as cheating on your wife?

Do you think a married person That someone else kissing “passionately” on the set of a movie, is as bad as cheating on Their wife?


  1. ♥JODY♥

    No, it’s just acting.

  2. New York Diva Part II

    I do but people doing it think its just a paycheck. I wouldn’t marry an actor.

  3. nope. it is just acting

  4. No, it’s acting. They’re getting paid to act.

  5. yes, yes it is because that person made a comitment to become a husband and if he isnt going take that comitment then he just doesnt deserve her.

  6. If kissing — or doing an even more involved love scene — in a movie counts as “cheating,” then shouldn’t doing a fight scene count as assault and battery?
    Of course not.
    I used to appear in stage plays, and the fact that I kissed someone onstage did not mean I was into her, or into the kiss, at all. In fact, when it’s happening, an actor isn’t “getting into it” — he or she is thinking about doing it right — exactly how long should it be, how heavy should it be, whrer should my hands be for this scene — and is totally aware of the large number of other people in the room at that moment, and of course, what the next line of dialogue is.

  7. No, it’s their job it doesn’t mean anything to either person involved to them it is just another day at work.
    Also their wife must know that they are an actor right? and that their job might involve performing love scenes with another person, and would have had to accept and be comfortable with this before they agreed to marry, cheating involves having relations with another person that your partner doesn’t know about or agree to you having, as the actors wife knows about his job it can’t be cheating.

  8. First of all, I’d like to say that this is the most interesting question I’ve seen in a long time.
    In answer, I would say yes, it is cheating.
    We have read of many instances when an actor/actress objected objected to certain scene in a movie, and the director had it removed.
    So, if they are married, and desire to be truly faithful to their husband/wife, they can tell the director “Look, we can do the build up to the kiss, we can say those flirty things, we can create the sexual tension, but when it comes to the act itself, I’m not going to do it. We can just fade to black, or have me walk through a door with her, then close the door after I go in.”
    Something along those lines.
    I feel kissing and sex scenes are truly unnecessary in movies.
    Sexual attraction can be implied, it doesn’t need to be graphically displayed.

  9. I think it all depends on the situation, and the whole ‘cheating’ label is up to the spouse. Personally, if I were to kiss another girl in a play and my girlfriend’s annoyed by it, I can sacrifice the scene or even the role (since my girlfriend’s worth it). When it comes to films and telly, some kisses can simply be implied (for instance, the actors move closer to each other and then the camera pans to a third person’s reaction to the assumed kiss) rather than performed.

    So it’s all up to the specific case.

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