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Can you trust people who cheat on their wives?

Powerful people like Sanford, Newt, Clinton. . . Because They cheated on Their Wives They shoulds be trusted to make decisions for the people That Elected them? Or are they narcissists and will do what is right Ultimately for them?

Dr. Dar- Facebook Friends to Lovers- – FOX Charlotte – Rising.mp4

WCCB Rising Story Created: Nov 19, 2010 at 10:39 AM EST Story Updated: Nov 19, 2010 at 10:39 AM EST Charlotte, NC: What happens when the “like” button turns into the “love” button? Is Facebook causing breakups? FNR’s Derek James gets the answers from Dr. Dar, plus they explore what went wrong between Eva Longoria and Tony Parker.

Most Military Wives are WHORES

These are my thoughts in regards to the Divorce Rate in the US Military. It is too high to the point where Military and Marriage equates to failure, and has become a laughingstock to society. The Divorce Rate is way too high, and I strongly believe that someone should do something to help these Military People not bite the apple from the serpent. It is sickening. These are my thoughts in regards to the aforementioned. www.usatoday.com www.guardian.co.uk www.military.com

What is a good poem I can recite in class?

I’m in eighth grade and recite a poem Have to in class for a grade. The poem needs to be middle school and Appropriate 3-5 minutes long with an introduction. I have to write the introduction about the poem so I guess the poem Could be a little under three minutes if it HAD to be. Any good suggestions? Please answer ASAP Because its due tomorrow!

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