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What can I do for the elderly at nursing homes?

I recently Volunteered at a nursing home for the elderly doing random paper work and such. . nothing special. . and I Noticed That thesis People were NOT happy. They Were Being forced to do everything by a schedule. I just found it wrong. They Seemed to prefer to be left alone. I was wondering if anyone HAS any ideas on how I can make the lives of the residents of this home any better.

Would you say this is an accurate statment?

If You have a Liberal Government People Will Spend like the Conservatives, Have a Conservative Government and the People Will Spend Liberals like. FYI I am not making fun of any Liberals or Conservatives. I Know That people in this section can blow things out of proportion. @ Bingo Guy-What?

Jenesis and sabria

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Why do so many people cheat in their relationships?

I hear of so many guys cheating on Their wives and girlfriends it’s crazy. Especially girlfriends. It Seems like people do not Consider the ‘girlfriend’ major status at ALL, then the wedding status is slightly more Respected by em, aim They Still On Their wives cheat. . . . Why Would Cheat On Their one wife, why not just leave her if you want to have sex with other women? How Could someone be so apathetic Their Own: towards wife, They Are All which suppose to love and care for, for Their Entire Life?

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