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I am an inexperienced bisexual trying to explore my sexuality…?

I am in a relationship with a man, he is understanding and purpose Is not Threatened. Since I am Involved, I am not looking for love, just what I guess you call Could “casual encounters”. The problem is I am very shy about hooking up, Especially if I am not sure of the girl’s sexuality. Any tips for flirting and breaking the ice with women Would be greatly appreciated 🙂

Horsell Common and the Heat Ray?

Does anyone know how the sound of the heat ray was created? I’m guessing That It is alot of electric guitar with fuzz goal I still have not beens ble to get the sound. If anyone can help, you will be helping me gain control of a sound That scared the hell out of me when I was a kid.

Why are these guys so pissed off?

Contacting so I’ve been on these guys from the craigslist personals (casual encounters / no strings attached) section, and i guess we’ve been internet chat sex. They always want to come over and have sex for real, but i always say no, and do not give my address. my question is, why are they so pissed off over this. They get off anyways, and if i do not want ’em to come over thats my choice is not it? Actually I do not Have to have sex Just Because They so right?

Am I depressed?

Yes I know I’m saying right now, NO I DONT THINK I AM, I’m uncertain purpose if Im just in “denial.” Im still trying to “move past” a 3 year relationship, I’ve gotten out of. Ive Concluded the friends I’ve made MOST POST HS, shoulds possibly be reevaluated as acquaintance status. My “best friend” Has not Attempted to contact me since he cam off like a prick A Few weeks ago, only to me finding out he was trying That to date my ex A Few days after that. (Not my ex of 3 years, the girl I was with her … Effective Whom I think I Treated as a rebound and just “needed someone there.” ** [I’m not jealous of my best friend, I really dont care Actually If They hit it off and date, it bothers me purpose he Has not Contacted me in Nearly a month. So I assume he tried to be discreet about this, so I see no loyalty there.] ** I Totaled my car this past summer, and I received the insurance check credit card could Towards bills. Between 2500-3000 I still owe in CREDIT CARDS. – I just moved back home from living on my own for 2 years and KILLING brain cells, and not staying in College. – I really dont like SERVING tables anymore, because i cant stand RUDE people. much patience, I dont have anymore for people with NO consideration for others. So I’m currently looking for a random “hourly” job that’ll more than Likely start off at something like 8 year hour. Though thats not BAD, I like the hour wage of 15-30 year I COULD make in tips if serving tables.’ve lost touch So basically with friends since HS gf no more, no more independece, hating my job and MOST of what I do …. Consists of working out, going to work, BACK in college, skateboard [Whenever I rarely have time], and smoking the usual blunt. I sleep A LOT, when im not at work and I try and stay positive and tell myself this “hole” in Im … Ill be in out of TIME. NOW That the hard times will pay off in the future …

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