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Need help with Physics question?

1. When it bends light passes obliquely from one medium to another, taking a longer path Somewhat form one spot to another. What does this path along with Have to do the time of travel of light? Discuss the differences Between reflection and refraction. 2. How do Emission and excitation take place in Atoms? What is an absorption spectrum? What can you use it for? Does it require a single wavelength light gold continuous spectrum? What is the function of a spectrometer? Anyone got a clue?

I’m confused, is it a coincidence?

So I’m gay, I’m not completely out, but I’m sure if you meet me Have You Would know, sooo. . there is this guy I kinda like. I see him in the hallway everyday, everyday and we make eye contact, I’ve herd some rumors from small 2 or 3 People That he might be bisexual, he seems like a player, I’m sure he HAS HAD more than one sexual encounters with girls and maybe boys, do you think he might, just maybe be interested, I doubt its a coincidence That our eyes meet everyday. Maybe aussi leave some tips on how to talk to him?

I just gave birth to twins. One is my ex-husband’s; the other is my ex-lover’s (in prison). The ex-hub has $$?

I know this may sound incredible goal it’s totally true. I recently gave birth to twins. It’s fairly obvious That one is my ex-husband’s and the other is my ex-lover’s based on the very strong racial differences entre le two. The ex-lover is in prison. He’s a total loser anyway. I must’ve HAD temporary insanity seeing him, drank my husband Was not paying enough attention to to me at the time. He was always off with the family au pair, making googly eyes. I do not need any value Judgments right now, and I know the law Would only be on my side for one of the kids, but I’d rather be discreet about this and get BOTH kids under my ex-husband’s name. He’s a upstanding member of society Relatively. Obviously, people will face the black kid Is not his, maybe goal by him taking a stand and admitting it to the kid will make me look better, as I’m an Elected Official (on leave for the maternity right now). What are some ways I can sweeten up the deal so my ex-husband will take some responsibility for Both kids? He’s currently with the ex-au pair still, and custody of our HAS majorit

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