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What do you think about this?

I work in a restaraunt. Today was a family to eat in and the 10 month old Began to fuss. Mom nursed him at the table. She did not cover up with a blanket or anything, afterall it’s hot here right now smoltering goal She was discreet and all (not that she shoulds Have to be). A lady at another table complained about it and ask her That We Asked to move to the bathroom. I kindly replied que les nursing mum and baby had a right to be Where They Were purpose if she cared to eat in the bathroom to feel free. The lady complained to a manager and I’m possibly getting written up at work. Is this Appropriate? Was not I know it my place to say something Necessarily goal at the same time the Mom Has the right to nurse and I did not feel right about her Being made to feel uncomfortable in the restaraunt. The other woman did not have to stare or anything. . . Could she just go on eating her meal like everybody else. Seems some people just want to make a scene just to do so.

How to verbally camouflage a kiss in a novel?

I’m writing a novel revolve around love That Does That goal still includes a romance. Moreover, the thesis Relationship between two characters who fall in love Is not all about kissing and stuff. I find it awkward to write: He said “blah blah blah” and kissed her. I do not know why, it sounds too cheesy goal for this novel even though it is not so bad Actually After All. Purpose anyways, I Decided to go for a “verbally camouflaged” kiss, but do not know how to do it. Something like “his lips touched hers” is an absolute no-no. . . Is there any way I Could make the kiss very discreet and more emotional than a year of physical act?

Word definitions? Please help!?

know about dictionary. com and all that but I’m staying at my cousins’ house and Their internet parental controls HAS On That only lets em go to trusted site. They never guess I Asked For dictionary. com to be put on there. They do not have a book or even dictionary Either microsoft word for me to use that. Please help me!

Why was he acting like this when he offered me some of his lunch?

this guy came back from lunch, we flirt. . . . i mean borderline infatuation flirting. . . but we’re discreet. he walked by eyeballing me, i gave the puppy eyes. Said he has some you want, meaning pizza. I Said yeah, i want a piece. . Said he where should I put it. . . i put my hand out. . he Stood there. . then i opned my mouth. . . he Looked Down chuckling. . . he kept Asking me if i wanted some. . . i said, yea, i want a big piece. . . he walked off with his giggling and grinning pizzas. . . That what the heck was all about. . . i really did want some.

Professor soliciting for sex on craigslist! What to do?

I expected a university in Georgia. Recently, A FEW classmates of mine found out That one of the professors at my university HAS ads posted on craigslist looking for sex. Complete with very explicit pictures of himself. Is this illegal? He Is not Asking for money, Directly at least, its very obvious goal That he’s looking for casual sexual encounters. This makes us all really uncomfortable. Should we report it?

Do you think he is gay? And interested?

I’m an 18 year old gay male, I’m at the gym everyday like quite good looking and pretty men. I’m not out and I do not get web Questioned about my sexuality that’s how I am discreet. Here is the story. I was at the gym today and used the sauna and this guy cam in Looked like mid 20s was very built with a sleeve tattoo and so smooth and very sexy 😉 lol. Goal anyway he started talking he wanted to Volume That put more water on rocks you cuss he likes it then he really hit Asked me if it’s ok I was like yeah no prob. The. Asked if he’m from around here (like the area) then he Told me where he lives. Then he Asked if I’m in school (I told him uni) then he Asked if I get out much like go clubbing etc.. thence along just had a random convo. He was very masculine. It’s not that I want him to be gay I think he was intended but just very discreet? What do u guys think. Please help When I see him again I just wanna make a move like haha

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