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STOP CraigsList email scams?

I posted on CraigsList year ad for a piece of furniture. INITIALLY, I anonymized my information so all They HAD to do was email. I got an email from somebody who I thought was there was no goal Interested text, the email was blank. So, thinking That they just messed up something in the mail, and I Responded Said something along the lines of “hey if you’re interested, call me at blahblahblah.” Next thing I know I’m getting around 10 emails a day like this. . . Is your item still available? Generally I do not do this you aim Seemed sexxy in your list and I’m interested in you. I live close by and up for anything. My only dilemma is That You might be a bot as CL is filled with ’em. So if you’re indeed real, can we chat on my profile page? It’s the safest way and extremely discreet. I’ll post as soon as you I see you sign in! 😉 Only you’ll be ble to check out my pictures and phone # on there so if you like what you see, get hold of me. I apologize to annoy you. . . life is too short so I Had to give this a try. Assue to you that I’m legit, today’s date is 10/02/2013. I think you’ll be astonished, TTYL! And this. . . Im always working fulltime so I do not know where to encounter guys anymore so thought I would give this a shot. I hope youre year adult and real Because I would feel foolish chatting with a lil boy lol. well I’m on vacation for a week so do you want to meet? I would feel more soothing if We Could continue talking on my profile page tho Is that ok? Emailing is boring. Ill buzz you on there – I added more pictures comfortable and my cell # for you so hurry up. Youll See That Im Real Effective logging in. You will not be dissappointed babe! I deleted the ad posted hoping That I Would That They wont stop They purpose. PLEASE HELP! Besides by getting a completely new email, is there ANYTHING I can do??

I need to Interview a wildlife biologist!?

Hello, for a class I am taking I need to interview someone who HAS career that I want someday, and That is a wildlife biologist to be. I do not personally know anyone who is a wildlife biologist, can someone in this field please help me out. The questions are very short, its about how you use mathematics in your job. You can email me personally if you prefer the answers Because I would need your name. If you can spare me your time of Few Minutes It Would Be greatly appreciated. 1. Do you use mathematics in your job? How? 2. Do you use mathematics in your home life? How? 3. What math classes did you take in School? 4. What math classes would I need in order to be ble to work in a similar job? 5. Do you find the subject of math to your significant job? 6. Would you say That you are very good at math? 7. Some things learned in class in my include and fractals and graph theory. Do you encounter, or work with Any of These terms in your job? If you need me to elaborate or explain anything please ask. THANK YOU!

Are us black men becoming a dating wasteland for old, ugly and/ or unattractive white women?

Here is how a reader from year article about a white woman who “loves” black men (AKA she was too fat / old for a white man.) Just read it, it is nauseating. “I’m a woman in Seattle, 57 years old, and I Avoided black men from the time They started hitting on me 40 years ago – until I fell in love with a man of mixed race in 2004. We had an affair of the heart, but never consummated It Because he’s married. Our relationship is now over. Goal In the Meantime, I Became curious & started dating other black men for the purpose of checking out the dynamic & the sex. In addition to many of the point you make, I found que le life experience of black men is closer to my struggle as a white woman than Any Entitled white male I ever dated or married. That’s important. I never Realized how significant it was until i opened the door to a black man. rose above it We. Developed We character. goal we never forgot the prejudice against us That was levied, as black men & white women in America. significant thing The other is I Discovered That black men are “fascinated with the equipment. “A black man takes it as a slight if his woman an orgasm Does not Have. Encountered I never had white man who cared That Much. Act like men Black They Have all the time in the world to make love to you. Translates That into security & relaxation for me, I need the environment to Have an orgasm. Could I never with white men because i was nervous That he’d quit trying as soon as he was pointless Decided it, leaving me hanging. know more Black men about how to please women. They learn it from an early age. They do not imitate what They see in Playboy or porno flicks. They are like urban sex scientists, Determined to conduite a full survey of the sample they’ve selected. Black black men drive women into the arms of white women by ridiculing Their men. Maybe some of the mockery is deserved. Maybe some men are of thesis too arrogant need to be taken & down a peg. Goal the degree to Which I’ve seen black women degrade a brother is tantamount to domestic abuse, without the corporal element. Then, as you note, They get mad at the white woman to Whom the black man flees. Your item was great. I have different Reasons, Many on points for desiring black men & Being Unable to have sex with a white man anymore, goal Many of the items you make are ones I share, or articulated Had not Until today. ’em Now I can see clearly. Thank you so much. ” This white woman That She allowed on “Avoided black men” when she was younger (AKA Too good / hot for one Until she is married and her husband mixed ironically When She Was 52. What a coincidence, oz she is “Over the hill” race suddenly does not matter anymore. http://www. nypress. com/18/49/news & columns / SusanCrainBakos. cfmHere is another white woman who “started to love black men” at 40. Here is what she looks like . (She is the fat @ $ $ sundamaged, Trool on the left) http://www. metacafe. com/watch/2169727/susan_crain_bakos_goes_to_babeland/Just goes to show how superficial, self righteous and VERY racist white women really are. Black men, do not we deserve better? And my friends wonder why I take a white woman flirting with me insult year.

Are black men/boys generally raised to disrespect women?

(Especially black women) I’ve been wondering this all my life. . . I’ve had very FEW men in my life as a child, so I do not know first hand. It just Seems apparent from casual encounters with men back, and from black guys I met while in the military and school (also, I’ve heard crazy stories, and others personal blogs).

Anyone here always naked during sex?

Personally, When having sex, with a longtime boyfriend ableit the rare or casual encounter, I almost always prefer wearing a shirt falling on sex. Some men Have had little or Qualms with this inquiry while one or two were really bothered by it. . . . The more comfortable I am with someone, the more I am willing to be naked, goal I’ve been in love with someone and completely comfortable with em and still preferred wearing a spaghetti strap or wife beater while we frucking. Anyone else? Anyone else think aussi That some times really spontaneous sex Where are your pants around your ankles is still some of the best sex out there?

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