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What are some of the best rappers out nowadays?

I got plenty of music and rap on my ipod goal I want some advice on the good new shit. I dont DVE or go to clubs so I dont hear alot of the new shit on the radio. I do love old school rap aim want some new stuff. I like guys like Andre Nickatina, Mac Dre, techn9ne, Too Short, Snoop, E-40. Gimme some advice?!

what are the biggest pros and cons for the Army vs. the Marines?

I know i have-been asking alot of issues on here but i have-been getting some great feedback, and i am Planning on making the decision soon, like Within the next month or two. I Realize this is a big decision, and thats why im Trying to figure out all i can to make the best decision for me. n Have you any advice That someone has-beens Where Im going Could tell me would be great. thanks

New Zealand laws regarding inheritance? If you do not leave a will what is the procedure re: next of kin?

I have an aunt in NZ Who has never been married nor HAS any children. She has two siblings in Reviews another country, she is elderley and of failing health. She has a significant Amount of property and valuables, I was wondering was the rules are in NZ about inheritance? Would her brother and sister Automatically be Considered as next of kin or Would the government take it all? Would your advice be greatly appreciated.

Now that there are some great opportunities to highlight his foreign affairs prowess?

Why has Obama Suddenly gone silent? Now, I’m not saying he Could fix the problems with Georgia / Russia or Pakistan, goal beens Has not He presented with a terrific opportunity to showcase His advice and / or opinions on significant matters thesis? Instead, he Seems to be hiding away in Hawaii, and Remaining strangely silent. Does it SEEM this way to you aussi? E. A. Boyd: I only said He Had a chance to present His ideas / opinions / advice on the matter. I did not say he HAD to fly over there and singlehandedly fix the position. Way to dodge the question.

How to have an affair without getting caught?

As the title says. . . does anyone know how to Have an affair without getting caught? I have a big crush on a co-worker of mine and I know he feels the same way about me (he married aussi). I’d like to take things to an intimate level but I do not want to destroy my marriage. Any advice?

What is a good vehicle for a road trip up north?

I’m planning a road trip from Oregon to Alaska sometime in the next year, and I would like to know what comes out of vehicle I shoulds take. I would prefer a truck or van off, if that helps, though I would think That would be a no-brainer. It is just a road trip for two, probably just a there-and-back affair. If You Have Any Other advice, it aussi Would be appreciated.

Men Seeking Women

“Men Seeking Women” A CIFF 24hr Iron Filmmaker contest runner up. The Theme was “Love is Blind”.

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