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How Not To Get Caught Cheating

Men get caught. Women get caught. They both make mistakes. Difference in their nature leads to a contrast in the way they’ll conduct themselves in an affair and how they may get caught. It comes in most cases from the underlying psychological, emotional and genetic features of their sex. In other words if a credit card receipt is left around, there would be different reasons why it was done. The woman most likely did it out of guilt whereas the man was missing details and being sloppy.

Keep these in mind when you’re having your affair. It just might be one of these that causes you to make that costly mistake.

Your blunder will fall into one of these 3 categories.
1. Physical Evidence – hard documentation or changes in routines that are visible.
2. Emotional Clues – how you behave and conduct yourself.
3. Betrayal By Friends – I told you to keep your mouth shut!

The paper trail – pads, books & notes

We’ll start with the obvious. This includes datebooks, telephone books, memo pads, little notes on scratch paper, business cards or anything else that comes from a tree. Don’t ever write anything down that would require an explanation if seen by your spouse. No names, addresses, phone numbers, vital statistics, or a rating score on sexual abilities or preferences.

If you have a bad memory, here are a few tips on how to do it smart.

If you have to write a name in your directory, change it to something that’ll be inconspicuous. Susan Taylor can just as easily be noted as S. Taylor Associates or S & T Construction. Make the entry fit into the book. If need be, change the first name to the same sex as yours. It’ll just look like another friend or co-worker.

How you look

When you come home from a long, long day at the office, make sure you look that way. This doesn’t include being freshly showered with neat hair, smelling like a rose and coming off relaxed and satisfied. If you’re going out for a night with the guys, dress accordingly. Don’t fuss and put on your best outfit. Play the part. No new colored underwear. No high heels.

If you’re using some recreational activity as an excuse, look like you’ve really been there when you get home. Don’t take your gym clothes out of the bag and put them back into your drawer. If you’re going to act the part, then you must play the part. Don’t overlook details.

Affairs have a tendency to make you look good. If you come home glowing or extremely relaxed, you better have a good excuse ready. Men can always say they had a great workout at the gym and women can always claim they just had a facial. Always be ready to explain.

Routines and Details

Keep your routines as they were. Any changes must be done very subtly over an extended period of time. Depending on how busy you were before you got into your affair, it could be easy or hard to steal time. The quickie done on an out of town trip won’t affect your routines once you return home. The short-term affair if scheduled properly will also not be a problem. The passionate and heated affair that continues on over a long period and grows into something else, will definitely be a problem.

Before putting your mouth in gear, make sure you engage your brain. You have to constantly watch what you’re saying. One slip and it’s all over. It’s very easy over time to forget who you did what with. “Remember when we went to that restaurant”. OOPS, wrong person.

How to know you’re being watched
1. Tap your own phone. You’ll constantly be updated on what your spouse is doing to trap you.
2. When hanging up the phone, push the receiver knob down with your finger. Listen and hear how many hang-ups there are. If you hear 2, guess who’s been listening?
3. Keep your wallet and drawers neat and in a recognizable order. If someone’s been looking through them, you’ll know.
4. Place a hair on your phone or appointment book. Do it in a way that will tip you off to someone having flipped through the pages.
5. If your closets being checked you’ll want to know. Place something in a pocket that will fall out if moved. This way you’ll know if somebody’s been going through your clothes.

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