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Have the “Perfect” Secret Affair

A final summary of what has been learned and the “essence” of what affairs are all about.

We’ve gone through many different facets of affairs and I’ve given you an honest and realistic two-sided view of both the good and the bad. Now let’s put it all together and give one last review of what are the most important facts are to remember. What you’re getting here is a “fantasy within a fantasy”. It’s an exercise in perfection where everything goes right and nothing goes wrong. Follow closely and start thinking about how you can make your affair fit as closely into this mold as possible.

The 6 commandments of affairs

1. Keep your mouth shut. It’s no ones business what’s going on.

2. The best type of an affair is the short sexual one. Try to always keep them short.

3. Make your affair an exercise in fantasy and adventure.

4. Don’t get carried away. Affairs are not relationships.

5. Remember that affairs are artificial situations designed to give optimum pleasure and fulfillment.

6. There are certain people who come with too much risk and baggage. Try to stay away or be even more careful.

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