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Jehovah’s witness, do you get troubled when encountering things in the Bible that conflict with what you think?

“Harassed and railroaded” Yeah, I hear ya!) Uncle, sort of a dilemma really. Truth & understanding CAN NOT be Reasoned out gold Studied with success Unless God Himself Allows since my Father and it resists the proud, as He Rightly About did for so many years with me, that ‘leaves MANY JWs in the Dark!


  1. I’m not one of them but I can ensure to you they don’t, cause they don’t believe the bible itself, they believe what their leaders tell them. So, if their leaders, for instance, tell them Jesus was gay they will believe. I’m not overstating. Who knows how their religion works knows the skills they have to make such a brain washing.

    Worker, uncle is in darkness really. What they call “progressive revelation” (what I believe, but not the same way JW’s do) is just one leader trying to undo a mistake of interpretation made in past which now they’re having problems with. lol

  2. Yeah they do. They should follow a religion that has no errors, like this one.


  3. Lone Dissenter returns

    Never found a conflict yet.
    The only conflict I find is from the teaching of so called Christians .
    You know the lies like Jesus is God , hellfire or using idols like crosses , the usual lies.

    JW’s are the only ones who confirm the bible.
    What lie do you wish to spread about JW’s tonight ?

  4. Unsilenced Lioness

    They don’t but they should


    The New World Translation (NWT) of the Jehovah’s Witnesses is a very important piece of evidence to examine when considering the self-exalting claims of the Watchtower Society (WS). Note some of the declarations the WS, which has produced this translation, made about itself:

    If we are to walk in the light of truth we must recognize not only Jehovah God as our Father but his organization as our mother.(1)

    Jehovah’s organization is theocratic. That means that it is ruled by the direct administration of God ….(2)

    We all need help to understand the Bible, and we cannot find the Scriptural guidance we need outside the “faithful and discreet slave” organization.(3)

    Furthermore, not only do we find that people cannot see the Divine Plan in studying the Bible by itself, but we see, also, that if anyone lays the SCRIPTURE STUDIES aside, even after he has used them, after he has become familiar with them, after he has read them for ten years — if he then lays them aside and ignores them and goes to the Bible alone, though he has understood his Bible for ten years, our experience shows that within two years he goes into darkness. On the other hand, if he had merely read the SCRIPTURE STUDIES with the references, and had not read a page of the Bible, as such, he would be in the light at the end of the two years, because he would have the light of the Scriptures.(4)

    Moreover, the WS has also stated that their own publication The Watchtower is God’s “means of communication to his people on earth.”(5)

    Such remarkable claims are indirectly examined when one inspects the NWT, the fruit of the world headquarters of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, since they have produced it, market it and assert that it is the most reliable of all translations. The following shows how they esteem their own Kingdom Interlinear Translation (KIT):

    The word-for-word interlinear translation and the New World Translation are arranged parallel on the page, so that comparisons can be made between the two readings and the accuracy of any modern translation can be determined.(6)

    It is the purpose of this short treatise to test this and other claims out of obedience to 1 Thess 5:21, remembering all the while that a false prophet is known by his fruit (Mt. 7:15) and will deceive many (Mt. 24:11). Furthermore, since the total number of NWT in print, as of 1984, was an incredible 39,500,000(7), the following examination is critically important for the sake of all those who are reading that translation.

    John 14:14 and Word Omissions

    When one follows the above guidelines of the WS for John 14:14, the evidence reveals that the NWT is not accurately translated. The exact Greek word-for-word rendering in the KIT for that verse is:

    if ever anything YOU should ask me in the name of me this I shall do.

    According to that Greek text, the Lord Jesus taught his disciples to pray to himself and he (Jesus) shall do it. In contrast to the Greek, the NWT inaccurately reads:

    If YOU ask anything in my name, I will do it.

    NOTE: Though it is clear that the Lord Jesus taught his disciples that they could pray to himself, this truth is concealed in the NWT by omitting the word me. Secondly, first-century Christians, who were in the truth, practiced praying to Jesus:

    While they were stoning him, Stephen prayed, “Lord Jesus, receive my spirit.” Then he fell on his knees and cried out, “Lord, do not hold this sin against them.” When he had said this, he fell asleep (Acts 7:59,60).

    According to Acts 6:3, Stephen was full of the Spirit and wisdom and he prayed to Jesus.
    Col. 1:16,17 and Uninspired Word Insertions

    One feature of the NWT is the usage of brackets:

    BRACKETS: In the English readings (interlinear and main) brackets occur. These denote that the word or words enclosed have been inserted by the translator to make some application that is shown by the Greek word or to show something that is understood along with the Greek word because of its grammatical form.(8)

    Their use of brackets is especially apparent at Col. 1:16,17 where the word other is inserted into those two verses four times. The NWT renders those verses as follows:

    Because by means of him all [other] things were created in the heavens and upon the earth, the things visible and the things invisible, no matter whether they are thrones or lordships or governments or authorities. All [other] things have been created through him and for him. Also, he is before all [other] things and by means of him all [other] things were made to exist.

    The reader should be aware that neither of the reasons cited why the NWT translating committee used brackets are applicable in Col. 1:16,17! Those two reasons, as previously stated are: (1) to make some application that is shown by the Greek word or (2) to show something that is understood along with the Greek word because of its grammatical form.

    The truth is by inserting the word other in that passage, the NWT has distorted its meaning.

  5. الله أكبر

    Those who say there is no conflict they are lying.And they know they are lying.

    Bible itself denies the atonement of Christ, the deity of Christ, and eternal life by faith in Christ.

    when you read the Bible, in the Gospel of Mark, Ch. No. 13, Verse No. 32, it says

    ‘Of that day, of that hour, knoweth no man, – no, not even the angels in the heaven, nor the son of man, but the father’.

    ‘The knowledge of the hour of that day – no one knows.
    Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) said ‘Except the Father’ – not even the angels, not even himself. ( Mark13:32)
    If Father -, the God Almighty, and Jesus Christ (peace be upon him), were one and the same – then if knowledge of that hour is known to God Almighty, even Jesus should know about it (peace be upon him). So this proves that they were not one.

    If you say some thing contrary to the clear verse , then you are indirectly saying.. Bible contradicts with it self .

    Its massive lies (written by nonsensical people).

    In Noahs ark……god killed every living thing because all humans were evil, then promised not to do it again- because all humans( more in numbers) are evil

  6. Sorry dude but they got it right and have proof. Nothing in the Bible is conflicting to them and they understand it the way it was intended to be understood and like Obama they too are being harassed and railroaded.

  7. Troubled?
    Curious, yes.
    Although it must be admitted that all such matters are relatively minor.
    The foundation has not changed.
    Jesus did indicate that truth would be revealed gradually. John 16:12,13.
    I am content to do research and see how the apparent ‘conflict’ is ironed out.
    Aren’t you?

  8. “Troubled” is not the term I would apply to the occasion you cite. The term “curiosity” comes to my mind.

    I am not really interested in proving my beliefs true as I am in making sure my beliefs are sound. So if I occasion upon a biblical text that challenges a current belief I hold then it provides an opportunity to investigate the soundness of that particular belief from a new perspective that perhaps I had overlooked in the past. The new perspective may or may not change my belief depending on what sound reasoning together with research is able to conclude of the text at issue.

  9. The question is an assumption, not a fact.

    Jehovah’s Witnesses are 7 million people, so you can draw no conclusions unless you get 7 million answers, one from each of those 7 million people.

    For myself, that “when” has never come. There is nothing to be troubled about since I have not encountered things in the Bible that conflict with what I believe, which is based on the Bible itself.

  10. When the bible says something that is against the teachings of the Watchtower, the Watchtower is always correct as it is God’s channel and they have angelic guidance to write what they publish. They bible was written by men and is not as authoritative as the Watchtower’s publications.

    PS, Forget about 2 Timothy 3:16 it should read the Watchtower publications are God breathed and the only items worthy of teaching, instructing, etc…

  11.  “The thing frightful to the wicked one—that is what will come to him; but the desire of the righteous ones will be granted. As when the storm wind passes over, so the wicked one is no more; but the righteous one is a foundation to time indefinite.”….Psalms17:8 “Keep me as the pupil of the eyeball,
    In the shadow of your wings may you conceal me,
     9 Because of the wicked who have despoiled me.
    The enemies against my soul themselves keep closing in upon me.
    10 They have enclosed [themselves] with their own fat;
    With their mouth they have spoken in haughtiness;
    11 As regards our steps, now they have surrounded us;
    They fix their eyes to incline to the earth.
    12 His likeness is that of a lion that yearns to tear to pieces
    And that of a young lion sitting in concealed places.
    13 Do rise up, O Jehovah; do confront him to the face;
    Make him bow down; do provide escape for my soul from the wicked one with your sword,
    14 From men, [by] your hand, O Jehovah,
    From men of [this] system of things, whose share is in [this] life>>” The desire of this one asks for the Desire of your son Jesus Christ to be carried out , and in like manner, I perceive, That Goats are trying to pass as sheep belonging to the fold of the Christ. May they come to know your Son’s true feelings for them, Let us all fall into the hands of almighty God, sanctify your holy name, vindicate My Fathers Dearly Beloved name, as if He is the pupil of your eye Oh, King! come lord, have you heard me cry, come? May the prayers of your holy saints come up into the most holy and be heard in the swiftness, of you Oh Mighty King.

  12. As one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, we place the Bible* as the highest authority. “THE Holy Bible is a written revelation from the Sovereign Lord Jehovah to all people on this earth.” (NWT Introduction) We will never read anything in the Bible that contradicts our central teachings, like Jesus being the son of God, the soul being mortal, and a limited number of Christians going to heaven. If we read anything that makes us wonder, like on prophetic details, we can write a question and ask our elders or send it to our Writing Correspondence department for an answer.

    * By Bible, I mean any reliable translation.

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