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I know this guy that put an add up on craigslist but has a girlfriend?

When i was just “looking” at the casual encounters on craigslist thing, I opened one of ’em and it was a guy I knew, because he put up pictures of himself. And I know for a fait que He Has a very very loving girlfriend, should i tell her That he did this? or just not in this location Get Involved and hope she figures it out herself?


  1. tell her crush him she could respond to the ad ….that would be funny

  2. keith dudemeister

    im with bob on this one

  3. microwave fishsticks

    Honestly if you know it is him, I would tell her. The chances of her finding out before things get crazy are slim, so it would be easier on the situation if you spoke up.

  4. was it in the men 4 men section lol?? Curious bottom seeks dominant top to show me who’s boss….craigslist is for either weird ass straight people or homos

  5. Let the poor bastard get his freak on and keep your mouth shut.

  6. I’d follow the golden rule on this one…”do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” If your motives are pure, then pursue your initial instincts to fill the girlfriend in on this. You could do so anonymously perhaps by copying it (if that’s possible) or providing a typed message telling her how to follow his trail. I’d want to know if I were dating a guy and thought we had an exclusive relationship. This guy apparently thinks he’s clever and that his girlfriend is too dumb to catch on. Help her out, be a good person, and spill the beans is my advice. I’d want you to do so if I were the girlfriend in this scenario. We all need others to help us see the light.

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