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A bisexual dilemma between husband and wife.?

I am bisexual. My husband Knew When we met this. Altho I have beens with two girls in the past, I continue to search for a third to enjoy. He gets insulted at the very mention of it now. Expressed I share how it was of me being sexual and That I will not change. This is Causing him to be insecure and upset with me. He states he Planned That is only HAVING me for the rest of our lives and will not let me Have a playmate. I even Abebooks web sites him to join in on a threesome, and That Would he get first dibs. He said that’s not something a guy with Does the woman he chooses to marry and gets extremely upset, ending the conversation. How can I make him see, that ‘I was not on schedule changing When we met him and That That I do not expect of him. I go without Having a girl for about 1-2 years, and then Suddenly I want to enjoy again, purpose with no strings attached. How do I convince him? I have even gone so far as to ask him what he Would do if he came home and saw me, and he freaked out on me! HELP. Also, I want to know how I can convince him That I wont change. I am not Trying to convince him to sleep with myself and Another woman. He Knew what he was getting into from the get-go. It’s not like I kept it from him.


  1. Your boyfriend is a nut. I would love to have a girlfiend like you. He knew you were like that to start off with. Dump him and come here to me

  2. You are being very childish about this. Don’t you see that it hurts him when you tell him about being intimate with someone other than him? You’re basically telling him that you will be giving yourself to someone other than him. It doesn’t matter if you offer to let him join in.

    He wants you and only you. Sure, it may be “every man’s fantasy” but he doesn’t want any part of it. He wants you and only you, because he loves you.

    When you say “I do” to someone in marriage, you are also saying “I don’t” to every other person in the world.

  3. He is obviously not into it. There is no way to convince him.

  4. you should never have married. when you love and commit as in marriage you only have sex with one you married. and i find you disgusting. but that my opinion good luck

  5. Don’t know how to help you, having that same situation myself with my boyfriend, he knew and was all into it and played the I’m cool if my girls got a girlfriend roll, but then when I got one, he freaked out on me. I love him and told him the girl was gone but I don’t know that I can live the rest of my life that way, I mean we talked about this before we ever started dating, he’s even welcome to join in and he said that he just didn’t feel that way about me, that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me and can’t see sharing me with anyone.

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